Sydney Hens Night Photography

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Sydney Hens Night Photography

Sydney Hens Night Photography


If you plan to have a hens night or a bachelorette party as it’s referred to by some people you want to have a lot of quality photographs taken during the event. You may decide that a professional photographer is required for your event. Here’s what to look for and expect.

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You want a photographer that can show professionalism so you get the best photographs possible at your hens night party. You want to pick a photographer that has years of experience so the images taken at your event are the best that they can possibly be. These parties can sometimes get wild so the person taking the images must be professional at all times during the event. You want to ensure that the photographer understands this. The photographer you hire must have the right kind of morals to do the photography work at the hens night party.


It’s very important that you hire someone that has a lot of experience as these types of photographs are not easy to take. You can take images yourself but they will never look the way that you want. When you hire a professional photographer they understand exactly how to get that amazing shot and to make your images stand out.

Someone to Blend into the Crowd

You want a photographer that is able to blend in during the event so no one notices the photographer unless someone is called upon for a candid shot. The photographer needs to be able to move around the event effortlessly and get all these amazing shots that you just can’t get on your own. A good photographer will be able to create some wonderful images that you will treasure for years to come.

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Make sure you get some good references before you hire a photographer to do your event. Solid references can help ensure that you pick someone that will provide you with the best images possible. You might check around your local area and see anyone has any suggestions for you. Make sure you check the website and look at the portfolio of the photographer to get an impression as to the quality of the images the photographer produces. Once you have a couple of references ensure that you follow up with them and ask any questions that you want to know. A good reference can be a valuable tool in your decision making process as to whether or not you want to hire the photographer.

Other Work

You may decide to hire the photographer to complete your wedding too if they do a good job at the hens night. You should go over the photographs form the hens night and then ask them what other services they provide. You may be able to get a good rate or a big discount since you have worked with them before.

Take your time and don’t hire anyone until you are ready. Ensure you get some references and check those before you hire the photographer and pay close attention to their portfolio. You want a professional photographer with a lot of experience for your hens night or bachelorette party like us.

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DSC4230-300x198 Sydney Hens Night Photography DSC_5080-300x199 Sydney Hens Night Photography



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